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Welcome to Fruittech Food Technology

Welcome to Fruittech Food Technology!

We produce and develop machinery for the processing and refinement of foodstuffs.

We offer technical solutions for regional producers in the food industry. With our machinery, food can be processed and refined to the highest quality.  Our success lies in our flexibility, technical know-how and expertise in our customers’ products.

We offer a wide range of technical solutions from beginning to end production and are experts in our field of work.

Our products

Hydraulic crate tippers

Hydraulic crate tippers – for standard crates

This machine is used for emptying fruit and vegetables from a wooden or plastic crate into a washing machine and then onto a sorting belt or water bath. The emptying quantity from the crate can be controlled by a stepless hydraulic tilting device and a control slide. A hand pallet truck or a forklift can be used for filling.

Washing & Pulping Systems

Washing & Pulping Systems

  • Washing & Pulping Systems
  • Washing elevator without mill
  • Washing elevator with mill
  • Screw elevator

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Mechanical Handling & Cleaning Systems

Mechanical Handling & Cleaning Systems

  • Cleaning with brushes
  • Rolling sorting conveyor belt
  • Inclined conveyor belt

available in different sizes and designs

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Destoning & Straining Machines

Quickly and Effectively from Fruit to Puree

Convince yourself of the simple and ergonomic design of the destoning and straining machine, available as manual or machine feeding. The specially arranged racquets inside the drum are easy to adjust, core-friendly and long-lasting.

Examples: fruits with pips and stones, vegetables and mash

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Tank presses

Quality to the last drop.

Belt presses

With cleanliness we achieve the highest quality.

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Pasteurization Systems


The automatic pasteurizers of the ETA series impress with their compact and easy-to-clean design.

Examples: fruit juice, vegetable juice, beer, milk, puree, wine, ciders and spirits

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Flash Pasteurization Systems

Flash Heating Systems

  • gas
  • electric
  • oil
  • steam
  • for chocolate

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We offer pumps in all sizes and for every application.

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Filling Systems

Bag in a Box Fillers and Bottle Fillers

Our semi-automatic Bag in a Box fillers and our innovative bottle fillers enable a cost-effective entry into the world of cold and hot filling.

Examples: fruit and vegetable juice, oil, puree, wine, cider, spirits, fruit and vegetable paste, ketchup and mustard

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Labelling Machines

Labeling Machines

Fully automatic labeling machines in 2 different versions.

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Drying Chambers

Product- and vitamin-friendly drying chambers

The compact modular design of our drying chambers allows you to place the grate surface when needed
expand from one to four m². The cabinet is loadable from two sides and the stainless steel
Cladding facilitates cleaning.

Examples: apples, bananas, plums, herbs, meat, celery, mushrooms

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Fruittech Accessories

Our accessories:

  • Bin tippers
  • Big box tippers
  • cleaning supplies
  • Bag in a box pouches
  • and much more

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Mobile Juice Production

Our mobile systems are used to process fruit juices on site.

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Do you have questions about our products or our services? Please contact us, we will answer your inquiry promptly. Call us at +43 7764 81430 or send us your inquiry!


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Fruittech Food Technology Ltd from Upper Austria – machines and technology for the processing and refining of food!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by phone +43 7764 81430 or send us your enquiry!

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