Fruit Dryer 29m²


Fruit dryer IMF 150 for dehydrating fruits, berries, herbs, mushrooms, vegetables, tee. The IMF dryers are made for all companies, laboratories and farms that want to transform their products with an advanced technological process that improves and exalts quality of the product. This dehydrating process preserves organoleptic properties and gives a high level of rehydration of the product.

The operation can be done in the following ways:

  • ventilation only;
  • ventilation with dehumidified air;
  • ventilation with heated air;
  • ventilation with dehumidified and heated air.


  • continuous air processing so as to preserve the freshness of the product;
  • possibility of treatment product at low temperature (below 50 ° C) with dehumidified air to preserve fragrance, color, aroma and a high level of rehydration of the product;
  • homogeneity of distribution of the process air;
  • low operating costs and low power consumption;
  • possibility to manage the level of humidity (RH%) present in the final product as a function of process time for (dry or half dry),
  • PLC controller for temperature and cyclus time

Load surface: 29m² 40-400KG
Trays: n. 80 – 600×600 mm
Supply: 380 V
Consumption: 15 kW
Air temperature: 15 – 50 °C
Materials: aluminium frame – painted sheet metal panels