KZE 500/1000ltr/h ELECTRICAL

for carbonated beverages such as beer, lemonade, cider…


The short time heating works in four steps. The incoming cold medium is preheated in the energy recovery system. In the second step, the heated medium is pumped into the pasteuriser section of the plate exchanger via an additional product pump and heated to the required temperature. From here, the medium flows to step three in a defined heat-holding section, where it is kept at the required temperature. After the heat holding zone, the medium flows back into the heat recovery section and releases heat energy to the cold incoming medium. The outflowing medium that has already cooled down in this way is now fed into the active cooling system. Here it can be cooled with glycol or ice water to such an extent that the input temperature and the output temperature are the same.


The plant is controlled by a Siemens Simatic which is installed in a stainless steel switch cabinet in hygienic design. All important parameters, variables and displays for the operator are displayed on a touch panel. The machine can be operated in two operating modes via the panel. Here we distinguish between automatic and manual operation. The operator can choose between the input of pasteurizer units PE or the input of the temperature. In PE mode, the controller calculates the required temperature depending on the flow rate.


With selected pumps, valves and control technology it is possible to heat and cool media selectively.  A high back pressure in the system prevents outgassing of the medium even at high pasteurisation temperatures. All sensors are FDA approved and dead space free or reduced. Our renowned suppliers guarantee a worldwide and fast spare parts supply.

Key data:

CTE output: 500 ltr./h
Max. Temp. product: 80°C
Max. System pressure: 16bar
Piping: high-alloy stainless steel
Connection IN: DN32 (DIN11851)
Connection OUT: DN25 (DIN11851)
Dimensions: 1800x1200x1500(LxWxH)
Air consumption: 50Nl/h
weight: 990 kg
Voltage: 3x400VAC/N/PE – 50 Hz
Power connection: 32 A CCE plug
Electrical power: 20 kW

Electrical power: 22 kW bei der 1000 KZE