Our mobile systems are used to process fruit juices on site.  We offer a complete juice production system mounted on a trailer with a total weight of 2950 kg. The fruit is first poured into the large crate dumper in the washing container, and then transported to the mill, ground and fed to the belt press. The juice is automatically pumped into tanks and pasteurized at about 80 ° C, then bottled in a bag or a bottle.



The following machines are built on a trailer:

  • Washing and Grinding System with inclined elevator 
  • Belt Press EB500
  • 2 Tanks (220 Liter) with hanging sieve
  • Pasteurizer PAS 500 Oil, with tank
  • Bag in a Box filler BIB 1400
  • accessories like pumps, air compressors, high pressure cleaners, tubing…
  • Electrical control cabinet
  • complete electrical wiring
  • lighting
  • 3 free sockets 220-240 V
  • 2 taps with piping


We produce and develop machinery to process and refine foodstuffs
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